Safeguard, Maintain, Organize, and Showcase. A variety of fluting medium and flat liner combinations are used by Product4Boxes to create corrugated cardboard packaging. Our paper grades are customized to meet the unique requirements of your items, guaranteeing the best possible protection, preservation, and ease of storage, display, and transportation.

Our corrugated cardboard sheets are manufactured by stringent quality and environmental regulations, reflecting our commitment to providing dependable, high-quality products. We aim to fulfil both your production requirements and the expectations of our valued customers.
Single Face Board:
This material has outstanding cushioning properties, flexibility in one direction, and stiffness in the other. It is still often used today and is the first option to safeguard delicate objects, books, mail deliveries, furniture, and appliances.

Conventional Corrugated Boards :
The most popular packing material for fittings, dividers, and boxes is corrugated board. It offers cushioning, puncture resistance, stackability, a smooth printing surface, and a strong, durable, and recyclable container. It is perfect for display stands, point-of-sale, primary, and transit packing. It may be customized with various flute forms and paper grades to fit certain needs. Additionally, it can be tailored to be moisture-resistant, waterproof, and appropriate for freezing and cold storage.